Live forever


“With shaky hands she grabbed the pen, and started scribbling the last pieces of her aged mind. She was expecting this, no doubt. But she wanted to leave something behind her, a testimony that will show the footprints she left in this short life. The smiles, the tears, the battles she fought and the wars that she had won. Nothing was unimportant, every minor event led to this, to this today that will have no tomorrow. She’s content, she lived the life she wanted, and she realized that she couldn’t leave fortune for the upcoming generation. Instead she will leave them stories. The stories of a woman that never stood below others, that changed the world in her way even if the others won’t acknowledge it. She strongly believes that one’s life is not just a passing phase in the existence of this planet. Everyone has a purpose and everyone contributes to the constant change of this world. Even the little butterfly that lived only one day has created a storm with just a flap of his fragile wings. She believes that nothing is stronger than one’s mind, imagination more exactly. It has no barrier and no limit, a human creates the life he wants there. But imagination won’t do it alone…you need ambition and strength to materialize the things you desire. She’s trying her best to leave the world a lesson of success and ambition, to teach people to accomplish their dream. Her smile isn’t fading as she writes. Now she feels like she will live forever.”


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