I might be a little broken

Nothing but something as thin as a piece of paper separates me from the truth. A truth that I do not want to accept. My heart recognizes it but my mind denies it with a passion. It makes me confused, sad, angry, a mix of emotions that dances around the back of my mind. I’m acting like it’s not there, I have learned to live with it but from time to time it comes out, and each time it hurts me more than before. Memories that leave traces on my tongue along with the last kiss that you have imprinted on my dry lips last night. I am lying and not to the world but to myself, I am lying that everything is fine, that nothing is going to happen but in reality I am watching my ilusion shatter before my eyes. I see it happening in slow motion, my mind wants to do something to stop but my body becomes numb, unable to move at a reasonable pace. It’s killing me from the inside, it breaks me into pieces, it’s burning my flesh.


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